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26 June 2007 @ 07:32 am
Design Topic 8: Make me Perfect  
"Welcome designers and observers to project designer Cycle 6. It takes a keen eye and great taste to keep the rich and famous looking fabulous—which is why gifted designers can become just as paparazzi-worthy as their clientele. Now that I'm on the prowl for "the" new look, 14 hopefuls will get a shot showing off their fashion chops and "kick- starting" their career."

Challenge Reminder: For this challenge, I want you guys to have a bit of fun, so you will be designing outfits inspired by...plastic surgery. OO I will give you your surgery, and you will design an outfit that best reflects your personal style inspired by that surgery.
Cycle 6 Models
Top 3 (highest to lowest)

Designer- red-spot
Model- Is OTT ever a problem for red-spot? She took her topic very literally and turned into a gorgeous, over the top design! She addresses the topic well with her very minimal colored yet statement-making piece. The simple addition of red just makes the whole thing pop. The proportions are interesting and excellent. We understand exactly what the emphasis is on. I loved the very xropped, shrunken top--very girlie and a great visual balance to the form. And that's the BOTTOM line.

Designer- MadStar
Model- Very interesting to see athletic-wear for this challenge. While it strays from 'surgery,' I definitely see the attention to detail and creativity. The purple jacket does a much better job at representing the topic at hand than the top, and the pants do as well and those sneakers are cool! This was well addressed, yet it does have a basic feel to it, appearing shallow in comparison to the other designs. We like the jacket, and can understand the appeal of the shoes. It could have been a bigger impact with some fine styling.

Designer- jenjofer
Model- A great looking piece. Not sure how the outfit represents hair extensions... I wish the tights were lighter so that the shorts did not blend in as much as they do. The top is gorgeous though, a lovely use of layers. Albeit very structured, minimal and not OTT. Seeing the challenge description on our screens gave us many ideas on what type of garment Jen would come up with...the final was nothing like what we imagined. This piece is however, a nice solution and a chic garment that is elongating kind of like hair, (her intent) and figure-aware(our intent). Solid work.
Designer- forneverever
Model- A very interesting approach to the topic, and it's always interesting to read up on the research.The toxic colors are refreshing to see in this group of looks, and the metal pads--very interesting. The use of inspiration was good, making the fabrics and designs very tight and straight, kind of like toixc Chanel! :D

Designer- Kallastyos
Model- A very decent design from Kallastyos. His choices are comprehensible, and the minimal color evoke bandages from surgery. But where was his showmanship? The over-the-top factor? There was much room for expression and creativity in this piece. It seems like the quite garment to follow the big statement on a runway. Very chic look, while a very tame approach for his usual good.

Designer- cheshire-ale
Model- Cheshire-took in the inspiration well, and I would ave loved to see that idea and envelope pushed. The inspiration is clear in terms of the challenge..but also in the visual style of Gautier's works. It is a very passing design; perhaps having the bust one color)the proportion you have is good as it is) and a contrast to the rest might have made an even better impact. However, adding the glitter to the bust and having an empire waist kind of contradicts your topic, but at the same time, the skirt could definitely draw the eye away from the bust, making it seem smaller. But that all depends on real life execution.

Designer- AlexioLex
Model- This...was very difficult to see as a garment for the challenge. AlexioLex may have been inspired by the IDEAS surrounding facial reconstruction(youthful appearance) but the execution was off. It is, indeed, a young-looking, pretty color dress, but not problem solving to the challenge. All at once, it looks over and under the top, unlike many of his previous pieces. The pink is nice and soft, but we find the purple to match too closely. The sash is perhaps a bit too much as far as the design goes, overwhelming the overall piece. He should have choose to include either the sash or the corset, but both doesn't seem to work well.