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09 July 2007 @ 06:26 pm
Design Topic 9: The Thrill of the Hunt

"Welcome designers and observers to project designer Cycle 6. It takes a keen eye and great taste to keep the rich and famous looking fabulous—which is why gifted designers can become just as paparazzi-worthy as their clientele. Now that I'm on the prowl for "the" new look, 14 hopefuls will get a shot showing off their fashion chops and "kick- starting" their career."

Challenge Reminder: For this challenge you'll all be working together to design a mini collection for their new line TOTH (The Thrill of the Hunt). You'll each be designing one piece for the mini collection, but all of the designs will be have to have a common theme. You guys as a group will choose that theme, and design a collection around it. You can use DAmn, or AIM, or anything you want to work around this and discuss, but that's the challenge. Also...I forgot to tell you...it's a men's line, so you'll be designing menswear. Remember, it has to be functional, but fashionable, and also add a price to each garment for sale.

Cycle 6 Models
Top 3 (highest to lowest)

Designer- MadStar
The best of the bunch. That jacket is AMAZING, and the vest is very cool. I could do without the zebra print stripes on the pants, but it’s not a huge hindrance to the design, unlike in some of the other pieces.  I loved how you combined high-fashion with everyday clothing, and not too much of either. There's nothing bad that I can really say about this design! Excellent job this week!

Designer- Kallastyos
A good design overall, and the pieces are masculine-ish. I don’t get the purse though. It would have been better if it was like a luggage bag. Not a huge fan of the undershirt - man cleavage = not so sexy. I love that you made him butch (leave the bag) and still kept the Kallastyos "fem" without it being coy.

Designer- forneverever
This is by far one of the best ones - the male model actually looks like a guy and this is something I could see being pulled off in real life. The vest is my favorite part of the outfit - It’s the most creative thing I’ve seen this week. I think this one gets props for being something that I think guys would go into a store and would actually buy and not be embarrassed to wear in public. It's also very high fashion and stuff you could see hanging in a store..not just on the runway.
IN (random):

Designer- jenjofer
I can actually see guys wearing this, unlike with some other contestants’ entries…but, nothing is really spectacular about it. The shorts are cool, I’ll give jenjofer that, but there’s nothing really “new” about them except for the trim. The zebra print vest doesn’t really seem to “go” with the outfit, it stands out a little much compared to the muted color palette of the rest of the garments. The jacket has potential - it just needs a little tweaking. Those sleeves have to go - I couldn’t tell they were attached to the jacket, and after seeing that they were it just seemed a little odd to me. If you’re going to have sleeves on a jacket, make the jacket long-sleeved… putting “fake” sleeves seems a little cheap to me.

Designer- cheshire-ale
The pants…awesome. Those are really cool pants - cargo pants definitely fit with the hunter theme the designers were going for. The jacket is cool too. The rest of the outfit kind of scares me. I don’t know. I think I prefer my men to look more “traditional” and less “crazy” while still having fun with clothing. The zebra print shirt just seems tooo much of a contrast once again to the more muted tones, and the suspenders and fanny pack? I wasn't aware people still WORE fanny packs....with dignity. Even the model looks pained to be wearing this. I would have liked it more if it was more masculine..because although it was so high-fashion, it needed to be so much more realistic. But I love your personal style, and would love if you really brought it in the next challenge...because you were on the chopping block this week.
OUT:    :(
Designer- AlexioLex
I can’t see how this could possibly be appealing to any male. First of all, the shorts are WAY too short - I don’t know of hardly any fashionable guys that wear short shorts anymore - you really only see them in pictures from the early 90s-80s-70s. Some guys wear them above the knee..but not that high. The shirt is ok, but it would be better without the slit which looks weird off-centered. The white coat is ok as well, but the tie just seems a little arbitrary - as if to say “hey this is supposed to be guy’s clothing” ….All the pieces are very feminine, not masculine at all. I couldn’t see any guys wearing any of these pieces to a club, or out to dinner (!), or anywhere without getting put on a “worst dressed” list - the whole outfit just looks….trashy. I loved your work this cycle, but for these past few challenges, you haven't really brung it. So I'm afraid to say you've also been eliminated. I hope you've had fun, and will continue designing and keep in touch! ♥