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10 March 2008 @ 07:21 pm
Cycle 7 - Word It Out  
"Welcome designers and observers to project designer Cycle 7. It takes a keen eye and great taste to keep the rich and famous looking fabulous—which is why gifted designers can become just as paparazzi-worthy as their clientele. Now that I'm on the prowl for "the" new look, 14 hopefuls will get a shot showing off their fashion chops and "kick- starting" their career."

Challenge Reminder--
For the first challenge, we wanted to start off with something light, and something a bit fun. Your brief is to design an outfit based upon your favorite word. The outfit must reflect your favorite word to a "t" and be flawlessly executed. You must also use your model which can be found here as well as the rules for using your models.


What you've done with beading feels right for the time. We like how the illustration seems effortless and spontaneous, and appreciate the brushwork that represents the body of the dress. We like the "dream"/boudoir concept. You benefited from drawing the strands of pearls to give the design that fabulous punch and ethereal quality because using a basic baby-doll silhouette is (audaciously) unwise in a competition like this. The dress turned out effortless and indeed dreamlike.

It's a beautiful, wispy confection that easily embodies "ataraxia". You clearly thought about drape and silhouette, and though you drew the drape stylistically, we have a great hold on what this dress would look like in real life. Some problems that we have are the styling (the odd hair and shoes) which unfortunately make her look too much like a Disney princess.

Silk charmeuse is a shiny fabric for all the details that she brings to the look. It could come of gaudy, and although we like the new and innovative approach on the word cute, the sharpness of the pleats almost bring it to a more mature level and less innocent. Another thing that also contributes to this is the high waisted skirt, but thankfully the colors and full skirt kind of bring it back.

First off: Hats off to you for the actual sewing of this dress! The color scheme could have used a bit more thought out (using more than the usual blue, white, grey and black), but the overall concept and design is lovely. It could have gone a lot more dramatic with drapery and embellishments but it's a very cute dress that could be worn to cocktails and other social events, which proves that it has some commercial value as well as it being an editorial look.

The illustration is excellent; but what you've done with the legs - one booted and the other stilettoed against three staffs- was a misstep. The look was way too literal in it's design, designers should be witty not literal. We love the silhouette of the skirt, the FABULOUS one strap, and the wonderful color combos and palate, but overall it just kind of looks like something you'd wear in a school play...but more fashionable.

The illustration is quirky, but the concept is believable and understandable. Did the clothes relate to the concept? Should chiffon be used in a garment that's supposed to allude to fighting? Whatever the answers, you interpreted your inspiration (clearly) without literality, which is a common tactic amongst designers. The draped coat with the bikini top and high waisted skirt seemed fresh, and the color palate was something fun yet simultaneously serious.

The line-drawing seemed more promising.... It's definitely chic (hence recognizable with his chosen word), however clearly nothing ground breaking, neither in silhouette, color, or fabric. It looks like a grandma trying to be sexy, and failing. The word 'bon ton' makes us think of something light, fun, and girly, yet in contrast you gave us something dark, boring, and matronly. The fabric used is dowdy, and that was one of the main contributers of its downfall. In future designs, try to stray away from your basic pieces, and give us something more innovative.

W e do have some minor quarrels with this dress. When we think of organic, we think of something softer and we would have appreciated a less saturated and acidic green which cheapens the otherwise fabulously expensive avant garde look. Save those small issues, we kind of love it. You were smart in using the silhouette we have seen lately in the past few spring runways; that is, a dress "melting" off of an insewn brassiere. With great stylizing (save the leggings) and fabric choices, this look is VERY now.

We had some minor issues with this design. The color scheme was unusually off for you considering your past designs, and none of the silhouettes, other than the fabulous cape, were innovative or new. The felt clutch seemed very arts and crafts, and there's a certain way to achieve that feel without it looking tickity-tack. The only saving grace are the shoes and cigarette pants, which scream fierce times a thousand.

Klindicative -
She's an example of how a quirky illustrator can make it far in a competition like this. It's light, fun, playful, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. The overall look is very over the top, however if you take it apart, there are some very desirable pieces.The layered doily dress is stunning, along with that excellent shearling jacket. Save the funky legwarmers, this is a look to die for.

Though the illustration seems quickly done, the dress is colorful, beautiful, and effortless. Your interpretation of "aurora" using ombred fabric and drape was thought out, and it was a fabulous idea to leave the line of the dress simple to let the colors and details shine. The accessorizing is fabulous; a very solid entry.

This is gorgeous. The silhouette and detailing is to die for, and his illustration of the details only makes the look more precious. Everything was well calculated, including the oversized proportion of the abundant bust. It really pushes the envelope of a typical silhouette while still respecting the woman's body. We could totally picture an indie actress wearing this gown to the Oscars.

We were kind of the fence with this dress. You were definitely smart with this challenge knowing the fact that you can be known for more overt, Ford-like glamorous dressing. This dress seemed to have the right amount of glamour, innovation and risk for your solution to the first challenge; thinking both intellectually and pragmatically. However, the overdoing of the four leaf clovers all over the dress in organza seemed to cheapen the look, and making it kind of confusing. If your'e doing tiny yet special details like that, try to stick to one area next time.

It's very quirkily illustrated, and, for me, unfortunately so much where it obscures what the dress would actually look like IRL You clearly took risks (unfinished hems, oh my!) and the silhouette seems elegant and thought out. But in a DA community where gothic, couture-inspired gowns are practically the norm (and in the mall, omg), this wasn't an intelligent approach to the first challenge. It kind of looks like something a Final Fantasty character would wear on a bad day. The arbitrary and unneeded things on the back look like spider hands or something which ultimately make it look like a costume when it could have been a fabulous evening dress. Save the blood.

(best to worst)