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27 June 2008 @ 08:30 pm
cycle seven | challenge four
black magic

Challenge Reminder--
Black is the new black. For this next challenge I'd like for you to create a fabulous entirely black ensemble (including accessories) that can be taken from a day look to a evening look with a few simple accessory changes. It's all about details, texture, & differentiating yourselves because you all will be using the same one color. This challenge is very easy and is just for you (and me) back into the swing of things.



Chudamerr |
First off I don't really think that you got the challenge, and I don't mean to be rude, but I don't really see why because the directions were very clear and simple. With that being said, I think the dresses are gorgeous. I really love the 3-D flower on the side of the first dress and the nice tailored jacket that you styled it with, however the round toe boots are just heinous. The gown is really gorgeous and I love the patchwork and fabrics that you used.

EvonT |
I didn't really see that much of a difference between the day and night look, and that was kind of bad on your part considering you changed the length of the day to night look and had a jacket which could have completely changed the look of the two garments. However the dress is very pretty; kind of typical with the layering and off the shoulder look, but pretty nevertheless.

kairi-g |
The look was very pretty, but it was something that you'd probably find in Macys. In a compitition like this, you always need to be on point, and be creative. Enough with the safe stuff already; we want to see something daring and different like your first design that you submitted.

Kar-tastic |
This dress was amazing! We loved the ruffles on the bust and the usual clean and chic look of the rest of the dress. The styling was kind of out of your norm which we liked, but the dress is really stunning and could be worn to numerous events, if those events were held during the evening. The dress lacked the ability to be worn in the day.

Klindicative |
Personally, I wasn't too fond of the idiosyncratic feel of the piece, but I can appreciate the creativity and imagination that went into the design. The styling on the first look with the boots wasn't the the best choice, but the rest of the styling complements the dress perfectly.

Olivvver |
This look was very modern, clean, and fabulously minimalistic. We loved the styling with the simple drape and nice tailored jacket; very Doo.ri & Alexander Wang. My only critique would be to try and use more adventurous styling choices since your design style is more minimalistic. Like chunky bangles, color blocking, & belts.

Phil2908 |
The judges and I really loved this look. The nude underlay was provocative and edgy and the rose ruffles on the back added the usual Phil surprise. However, we don't see how this dress could be used as a day look.

Thejarc |
The dress was very pretty and a nice step away from your rather garish designs. The simple silhouette with the mutitude of details and nice hem decoration was really really nice. Keep this up and you might just see yourself staying in the Top 3!

Winner ~ Kar-tastic
~ Olivvver
~ Thejarc

~ Phil2908
~ Klindicative
~ Chudamerr

~ kairi-g
~ EvonT
Eliminated ~ Valeriuccia