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25 March 2008 @ 05:42 pm
Cycle 7 - Sheer Genius  

"Welcome designers and observers to project designer Cycle 7. It takes a keen eye and great taste to keep the rich and famous looking fabulous—which is why gifted designers can become just as paparazzi-worthy as their clientele. Now that I'm on the prowl for "the" new look, 14 hopefuls will get a shot showing off their fashion chops and "kick- starting" their career."

Challenge Reminder--
This spring, many designers (especially Marky Marc) played with the idea of transparency. Design an outfit incorporating sheer fabrics, cutout panels, or whatever else you can think of to demonstrate that idea. Bonus points if your design has some kind of deeper message!



This would have been a lovely design, but the underwear showing through looks like a bad design choice! Maybe a slip dress underneath would have worked better, and put the focus on the dress as opposed to the undergarments. The shape was kind of awkward with the cone, but the iridescence and color palate mostly made up for her kind of looking like a fierce lampshade.

The top is lovely, and beautifully rendered, but it looks a bit cheap.The super high slit takes away from the refinement of the entire look, and it kind of looks like a skankier version of a standard Grecian dress. This kind of sounds familiar, but try and branch out from the whole 'draped gown' look. Again, everything is see-through. Where is the dress being worn? Obviously not in public. The cotton twill...as an under-bodice won't cover everything cuz it clearly has holes in it. The idea for the design wasn't so bad, and plays a lot on color and textile, and we like the use of dyed chiffon, but to have everything in chiffon isn't flattering because everyone sees everything.

Quite bluntly...it looks like a tube dress with another transparent dress over it...as if it doesn't belong or doesn't even function as something "needed" in this design. The lines on the coat didn't seem very thought out, and they appeared very random. We really like that you use hard square lines, and we'd like to see you take that a bit farther

We love the way that you played with the challenge. Instead of doing a look entirely based around transparent fabric, you used cut outs and strips of fabric. Although the way it's drawn seems unflattering, if it flows in real life like in the description, it'd be very attractive. The colors are great, and the overall presentation is fabulous.

At first glance, I thought this dress was over done, but after reading the description, and looking at the details, it's quite lovely! I still think it's pushing being over designed, but the colors and details of the rendering make it amazing. The shape that the skirt took was nice, and the colors were fabulous as well. We like how the dress has a lot of detail at the bust, but then elegantly ends with the organza and lace trim. It's modern with an ancient take. The inspiration (greek/egyptian transparency) was a bit of a stretch though.

It's hard to see how beautiful something is when you've seen it before. The rendition of this design is too harsh and and hard to really imagine in real life, and it's essentially the same outfit that you submitted for the first challenge. Next time, try not to make your outfits so rushed. We'd like to see the more creative side of your designs, not basic silhouettes covered in ombre chiffons.

The top of this outfit is stunning, but you lost us with the flared pants. For us, it seems like at times you either do too much, or not enough at all. Everything looks ameuter here, and it looks very over-designed and not effortless. Their's a lot of volume right at the top on her shoulders, and then a lot of volume on the bottom with those bell-flared pants....then very fitted from the knees up with that chunky over-done belt. Not a flattering design. The horrid color palate and overt use of lace left us dissatisfied, and shocked.

Lovely use of colors and layers, and the pink is a nice accent color, but it was just so boring. It was a simple gown under some ombred fabric which doesn't do much for the design. It's good to try to use as much sheerness as possible for a challenge like this and that's exactly what she went for, however, I do wish the sillhuoette of the sheer overlay were played with a bit more. It could almost pass as just a plain transparent robe thrown on a nice dress, and you never want something to look as if it shouldn't be there. It needs to look important. It was pretty, but it definatly didn't wow us.

A lovely modern rendition of something vintage. It has an updated and sporty look and still remains very classic. We loved the strong bust with the soft draped overlay. It would have been nice to have seen it taken further with more details though.

Klindicative -
A lovely outfit, and a very innovative one! the sheer, soft jacket paired with a soft corset and the bold knit skirt is really fashionable and lovely. This is the best sheer jacket/outfit combo out of the several that were entered. You gave us one interesting piece, and settled back on the rest of the look which let the very avant garde chiffon jacket shine. The detailing on the back is beautiful and believably rendered, and is higher-level-thinking in terms of fashion thought.

A strong, seemingly simple design. The idea that the dress is layers of tulle (though hopefully not too many, as that would make it bulky) to give it variations of color is quite lovely, and the concept is very strong as well. The 'shield' of white adds a beautiful softness to the entire outfit while giving it was nice negative "Y" shape. It frames the face, and then goes straight down the waist making the wearer appear skinnier. However, again, the inspiration was kind of a throwaway.

The concept of the design is beautiful. There's a great use of fabrics but the jacket could have been designed to match the beauty of the dress a bit more. It was too heavy and it didn't really mesh with the femininity and lightness of the dress. Not only does the coat have a tailored type of style, it even had a belt wrapped around...could it crush the elegance of the dress anymore? Also, for future reference, try and branch out from your sparkled knife pleated ruffles in future challenges. It's a great look, but it could start to become repetitive, so try and find some more signature techniques in addition to the ruffles.

We're happy that you've finally stripped away some of your OTTness, but to be honest, the dress wasn't very innovative. The arbitrary circle cut-outs, the basic feeling, and lavender lace left a lot to be desired. We really like when you do sexy glam, but make sure it's elegant, refined, and creative, not stipper hoochie mama.

The dress seems a bit over-designed. The gorgeous ruffles were ruined by the matchy-matchy makeup, and the humongous glowing crotch which was a very awkward place to put your transparency. In the future, we'd advise you to take a step back from the page and assess when you're doing too much to one design, and edit, edit, edit.

(best to worst)