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07 July 2008 @ 07:33 pm
cycle seven | challenge five
a garden party

Challenge Reminder--
For your next challenge I'd like for you to pick a flower and then to create a party dress inspired by that flower. Sounds simple right? Correct. However I want to see something extravagant and creative; something Avant Garde. This challenge is all about taking a simple & typical inspiration and turning it around to create something interesting and innovative.



Chudamerr |
We think this gown leads a bit more towards high end Haute Couture than avant garde...it looks a little too normal, however, the fabric choices save it from ending up too traditionally elegant. The more mundane ideas in this dress were the winners: The tight corset contrasted with the volume of the skirt and the accompanying jewelry. We're a little skeptical towards the funny bust and cropped jacket, though. "We can see the dandelion reference of the sleeves, but their shape makes this a little too Disney. The dark orange spots on the skirt seem ill thought-out. In short, this dress seems messy instead of unified and cohesive."

EvonT |

kairi-g |
First off, let me say that this was a fabulous look that could have ended any ready-to-wear runway show, but in terms of 'high-fashion' thinking this submission wasn't that innovative or creative. There's so much more to do than just take what we see and literally paste it on a body making the skirt the petals and the top...the blossom coming out of the petals. One thing about avant garde clothing that makes it pure fashion is the level of creativity and conceptuality that goes into interpreting an inspiration. and we don't see a lot of effort in that department. However It is a pretty thought and an even prettier illustration, but as a technical concept it doesn't exactly "get off the ground".

Kar-tastic |
"This looks reminds us of a fabric treatment method & draping that Alber used for Lanvin in Spring '08. If that is where she took the inspiration, this was a fabulous time to use it; a stunning response to the prompt." The colors, shapes and proportion are fabulous and modern. But that single fact kept us from loving it much more than we should have. "We like the flower and the interpretation, although the color seems a bit boring for the flower's vibrant appearance which ultimately makes the dress speak softer than it could have. The voluminous sillhoette makes a beautiful profile and back view and we also like how the dress tests traditional elegance in a way." It's a "lovely interpretation of a lovely flower".

Klindicative |
A gorgeously rendered illustration.It seems so "regal and powerful", complete opposites of the usual "sweet and feminine" connotations of flora. There is believable concept behind it, too. Creativity is greatly described here and the direction the design went for is clear..."but not completely realized". The goal was to "morph a mess with elegance"; obviously the explosion of ruffles on the back was the mess, but where's the elegance? Two extremely wide leg pants doesn't exactly seem to "contrast the edginess", however...the sillhuoette is interesting. A wide flared skirt or extremely skinny pants would have helped with this look. It's elegant, it's simple and complicatedly fabulous.

Olivvver |
Again, the illustration would prompt really difficult technical work, so we guess if the dress was completed to utter perfection with just the right fabric treatments to just the right fabrics cut in just the right shape, it would work. This is what real designers do behind inspirations and the take on the flower was a neat approach. The dress is "definately art".

Phil2908 |
As fabulous as this entry was, it was quite a "ball-drop" for you considering your amazing previous entries. The look wasn't avant-garde, more couture...and speaking of couture, it reminded most of us of John Galliano's Spring 2007 Couture collection for Dior. Even so, "it's still one of the more creative designs in this challenge". Aside from having no description of where and how the materials listed should be used in this garment...Polyester is the biggest no, no for anything avant garde. Polyester is a poor substitute for good quality fibers used in most massed produced clothing. The fabric print is also in question because avant garde is similar to haute Couture where fabrics are and everything is usually customized with embroidery or beading...prints are cheap, unless hand-painted or hand-dyed which isn't listed. Props for the pose and flat (and general though).

Thejarc |
Although there are fabulous details and a decent color story going on with the peice, it's nothing really special on an "avant-garde" level. "It looks like a full on ready-to-wear outfit." Covering a dress in swarowski crystals does not make it avant garde or even rich; this is too normal to be considered high art or fantasy with a dose of creativity. The top of the dress is very interesting, but should have been repeated elsewhere. A soft flounce on the hem of the skirt or sleeves would have done more for this. And some shoes wouldn't have hurt.



Eliminated ~ EvonT
(Anonymous) on July 15th, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
could you please link to the deviantart pages for the designs in the runway section? it'd make reviewing the whole thing A LOT easier.